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  • Organize your favorite codes
  • Less frustration when coding
  • Updated RVU values and rates
  • General Surgery Coding Tools
  • CPT to ICD10 Crosscoding
  • CROSSWALK® for Anesthesia
  • Orthopedics and surgery tools
  • NDC search
  • NCCI Edits Checker
  • ICD10-PCS Browser
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Reduce the time it takes to complete your coding by quickly calculating which anesthesia codes match a procedure using the ASA CROSSWALK®️. Calculate fees using the Anesthesia Calculator. This upgrade also includes access to the ICD10-PCS.

Instantly see all ICD10 that match your chosen CPT® code and even display your favorite diagnostics that match your CPT® code first. With CROSSCODING you will never code the incorrect diagnostic for your procedure!

Follow these 3 Steps to find and organize your CPT® and ICD10 codes

Step 1

Write your query

Experience the power of our intelligent search function to effortlessly look up the CPT or diagnostic codes you need. Enter whole words, partial words, fragments, or descriptions, and iCoder will instantly display all matching codes, complete with Facility/Non-Facility Rates, RVU values, and Global Periods. Plus, with ICD10 codes, you'll access necessary edits like gender specificity, age ranges, pediatric codes, and more.

Step 2

Add to Favorites

Discover the ease of organizing your codes with iCoder's favorites feature. Simply tap to add codes to your favorite folders, tailored to your specific needs. Create unlimited folders and effortlessly manage codes across multiple folders. Plus, with iCoder's offline functionality, your favorites stay synchronized across all your devices, ensuring a seamless coding experience no matter where you are. Stay organized and efficient with iCoder

Step 3

View Favorites

Effortlessly access and manage your favorite codes with iCoder's intuitive folder organization. Categorize codes by type and swiftly locate them with custom folder names. Enjoy the flexibility to create unlimited favorite folders for CPT, ICD10, and ICD10-PCS codes and easily rename or remove folders as needed. Streamline your coding process and boost productivity with iCoder!

You Can Use iCoder For:


Master musculoskeletal coding with iCoder's specialized browser. Instantly locate codes for any area of the musculoskeletal system, covering procedures like amputations, incisions, excisions, removals, and more. Empower your coding process and find the codes you need with unmatched speed and accuracy only with iCoder!


General Surgery

Conquer general surgery coding with iCoder's comprehensive suite of over 8 code calculation tools. Covering a wide range of procedures, from biopsies, incisions, and shaving to repair, lesion destruction, and more, iCoder empowers you to swiftly identify the optimal code for your needs. Elevate your coding game with iCoder's unmatched efficiency and accuracy!



Experience seamless anesthesia coding with iCoder's powerful features. View all anesthesia code alternatives for your procedure, complete with ASA® and CMS base units, insightful comments, and clear instructions. Once you've selected your anesthesia code, effortlessly calculate the billing rate based on anesthesia duration, status modifier, and qualifying circumstances. Simplify your anesthesia coding process with iCoder's unmatched precision and convenience!


This video will show you how easy it is to quickly browse the entire musculoskeletal area of the CPT® using the iCoder's musculoskeletal browser.

This video will show you how easy it is to find and calculate codes using iCoder's general surgery tools.

Checkout iCoder's awesome features

Musculoskeletal Browser

Accelerate Your Coding

Leverage iCoder's musculoskeletal browser to swiftly locate codes for any area of the musculoskeletal system. From amputations, incisions, and excisions to removals and beyond, instantly find the codes you need. Experience the speed and efficiency of iCoder today by tapping the Skull to try it now! Try it now on by tapping the Skull.

All Available Areas

  • Skull
  • Shoulder
  • Humerus
  • Abdomen
  • Forearm
  • Pelvis
  • Femur
  • Foot
  • Neck
  • Spine
  • Flank

General Surgery Tools

Boost coding accuracy

The general surgery tools help you navigate the entire categories for general surgery. Each section provides easy-to-navigate shortcuts and easy-to-use tools that automatically calculate the code you need based on your input. Try it now by tapping on skin or repair and see some of the great tools iCoder provides for general surgery.

All Available Tools

  • Fine Needle Aspiration
  • Biopsy Coding
  • Shaving of epidermal/dermal lesions
  • Wound Repair
  • Adjacent Tissue calculation
  • Skin Replacement Surgery
  • Destruction of malignant lesions

Anesthesia Tools

Bill with confidence

From a code's details, you can see all appropriate anesthesia codes for your procedure, including primary and secondary codes. You'll also see the ASA® base units, ASA® instructions and comments for the code at a glance. Tapping on the anesthesia codes will show more options, including calculating the final rate by entering the duration of the anesthesia. Try it now by tapping on the anesthesia code.

All Available Tools

  • Anesthesia alternatives
  • ASA® and CMS Base Units
  • ASA® Instructions and comments
  • Anesthesia Fee Calculator

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RVU Rates and Values

Automatically calculates your RVU rate and values based on your GPCI location.

Code Edits

ICD10 Code Edits

Including edits for Male/Female, pediatric codes, manifestation, adult only, newborn, maternity, and more.


Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) + DRG

See the MDC and DRG for each ICD-10 code and ICD-10 PCS code.

Excel Export

Export your results

You can export any search result to CSV and open it in Excel or any other spreadsheet application. Export includes the CPT® code, modifier, facility flag, RVUs, descriptors, rates, code status, and global period.

Works off-line

Works off-line

iCoder will keep working even if you lose your internet connection! All data is stored locally on your device and synced to the cloud when connected.

Updated Frequently

Updated Frequently

iCoder is always up to date! Every time the AMA or CMS update their data, we'll update the app and send you an email with information about what changed.

Compare iCoder Plans

See which plan is right for you

iCoder Standard


  • Everything in Basic
  • Anesthesia Calculator
  • ICD10-PCS + MDC/DRG and edits

iCoder Premium


  • Everything in Basic and Standard
  • ICD10 to CPT Crosscoding
Basic Standard Premium
General Surgery Coding Tools
Export results
Device + Web Access
NCCI Checker (Bundled Codes)
Anesthesia Calculator
CPT to ICD10 Crosscoding
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of codes can I find and organize with iCoder?

iCoder allows you to find, organize, and manage CPT®, HCPCS, ICD10, and ICD10-PCS codes. The app also offers specialized tools for musculoskeletal, general surgery, and anesthesia coding.

Q. How does iCoder's smart search function work, and what information is provided for each code?

iCoder's intelligent search function lets you enter whole words, partial words, fragments, or descriptions to find the procedure or diagnostic codes you need. It displays matching codes, along with Facility/Non-Facility Rates and RVU values for your current GPCI locality, Global Periods, Code Status, and essential edits for ICD10 codes, such as gender specificity, age ranges, and pediatric codes.

Q. Can I create custom folders for my favorite codes, and how does iCoder synchronize these favorites across devices?

Yes, you can create custom folders to organize your favorite codes by type, such as CPT, ICD10, and ICD10-PCS. iCoder synchronizes your favorites across all your devices using its offline functionality, ensuring a seamless coding experience.

Q. What specialized tools does iCoder offer for orthopedics and general surgery coding?

iCoder provides a musculoskeletal browser for swift code location within the musculoskeletal system and a suite of over 8 code calculation tools for general surgery coding. These tools cover a wide range of procedures, such as biopsies, incisions, lesion destruction, repair, and more, helping you quickly identify the optimal code for your needs.

Q. Is this a Cloud-Based software?

Yes, iCoder is a cloud-based solution. However, once iCoder downloads all its data, you no longer need to be connected to the internet to use it. When connected to the internet, iCoder syncs your favorite and recent codes to the cloud automatically. You can use iCoder on the web, your iPhone or Android phone, your Mac, and any tablet device.

Q. Are there any limitations?

iCoder lets you create an unlimited number of favorite folders, and you can use it on as many devices as you want without paying anything extra.

Q. What happens when new CPT® or ICD10 codes are available?

With your subscription, you get automatic updates for all code sets to which you have access. You'll never have to worry about updating your app, iCoder does it automatically.

Q. Is this a subscription?

Yes, iCoder is a subscription service that automatically renews unless you cancel. iCoder bills you once yearly, and you can cancel anytime.

Q. Can I Try it for Free?

Yes, you can download and install iCoder and create a trial subscription that lasts 30 days. After the trial ends, we will only charge you if you subscribe to one of the paid plans.

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